Monday, October 17, 2016

Crochet for Christmas: Vintage Ornament

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When I was little I used to spend Christmas vacation at my grandparents
house. Oh how I always loved that moment when they opened up the boxes
with the Christmas decorations! They had the most beautiful ornaments....
I still have some, but a lot of them broke through the years....little kids, a dog
and delicate glass ornaments don't really go together...
Do you have kids or dogs or cats or other ornament destroyers? Than you might like to crochet these vintage inspired Christmas ornaments.
I hope you like my little early Christmas present. Enjoy! 

I used Catona by Scheepjes with hook 2,5 mm.

You can by this wonderfull 100% mercerized cotton in lovely 25 gr balls
and 82 colors here at Deramores and here at Wool Warehouse, they both
send worldwide.

with silver color (Catona 172 light silver) chain 3 close in first chain with slipstitch to join into a ring.
Round 1: ch 2 (=1dc), 11dc in ring (12 total), tie off 
Round 2: (join new color and work in between the stitches of round 1) ch 2 (=1dc), dc in same, 2dc in next space, repeat 10x. (24 total) tie off
Round 3: (join new color in between 2 stitches of round 2 and again work in between the stitches) ch 2 (=1dc),  1dc in next, *2dc in next, 1dc in next*, *...* repeat 11 x, 1dc in same space as beginning chains, close with ss in second ch.
Round 4: (this round you will not work in between the stitches from round 3, but as usual in the loops) ch2, 2dc in next, ch 2 and ss in next, ss in next, sc and hdc in next, 1dc in next 2, *2dc in next, 1dc in next 2*, *...* repeat 2x, hdc and sc in next, sc in next, hdc in next, dc in next, chain 2, ss in first ch, 1dc in same, hdc in next, sc in next, sc and hdc in next, *1dc in next 2, 2dc in next*, *...* repeat 2x, 1dc in next 2, hdc andsc in next, ss in next, tie off.
Top: join silver color in second beginning ch from round4, sc in next 3,turn, sc in next4, turn, ss in next 2, ch12, ss in next 2, tie of.
weave in ends.

I love to share my designs with you to inspire you and I like to keep some for free! A little donation though would be much appreciated, so I can keep buying yarn.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bonbon in the mix.

You remember that box full of Bonbons I got just recently?
I really like the yarn and all the colors, but it's pretty thin,
so it works up a bit to slow for me. Then I thought of an other
thin yarn I got laying around for a long time.
Mohair Rhythm by Scheepjes.
(which they sell at Wool warehouse, they ship worldwide)
I thought maybe mixing them would be nice and make both of them
nicer to work with for me. And it did!
It gives a wonderful texture.

I used my Chunky Flower Motif which you can find here.
Now it's not chunky anymore, but it works perfectly!
I might make a shawl!