Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bonbon in the mix.

You remember that box full of Bonbons I got just recently?
I really like the yarn and all the colors, but it's pretty thin,
so it works up a bit to slow for me. Then I thought of an other
thin yarn I got laying around for a long time.
Mohair Rhythm by Scheepjes.
(which they sell at Wool warehouse, they ship worldwide)
I thought maybe mixing them would be nice and make both of them
nicer to work with for me. And it did!
It gives a wonderful texture.

I used my Chunky Flower Motif which you can find here.
Now it's not chunky anymore, but it works perfectly!
I might make a shawl!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A box full of Bonbons

This box was waiting for me when I got home from Morocco. It's filled with Scheepjes newest yarn called Maxi Bonbon! These little 25gram balls come in 87 shades and I got all of them! Oh lucky me...
You can buy this lovely yarn at Deramores they ship worldwide! And at Wool Warehouse.

I put them on my coffee table first, to admire them.

Then I arranged them a bit and admired them some more....

Okay now it's time to try out this beautiful very thin mercerized cotton yarn. It says it's for a 1,25-1,5mm hook, but I decided to use a 2,5 mm hook.
Started with the blues first, you think that's my favorite color? Yes blues and greens it is!

But I have to admit I do like pastels too, since my grandchild is born......

Anyway I can tell you that I am totally in love with this yarn! It will probably take a while before I actually will finish something with it, because I have so much other stuff I have to finish, but I just had to share my try outs with you...

You can buy this lovely yarn at Deramores they ship worldwide!